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One From Plaster, the other from clay Estonia, 05.2023. Published by Echo Gone Wrong
In Search of Idyll. Estonia, 05.2023. Published in the framework of Katrin Pille's exhibition at Tütar Gallery
The sweet taste of a hint, to encounter Belgium, 04.2023. Published by Art Territory.
One never sees the sun in a dream Estonia, 01.2023. Published and translated in the framework of the solo exhibition of Loora Kaubi, Uus Rada.
Voodi, lamamistool ja kaelakee Estonia, 11.2022. Published and translated by Sirp (for English version, click here)
Charlie. Belgium, 09.2022. Invited alongside N. Fransen, F. Correia, T. Sadée by Julien Jonas.

The roots and routes, or dwellings on material Tuur Skulptuur. Estonia, 09.2022. Published by Echo Gone Wrong 

Overlap and Wiggle Room: a Slice of Life Estonia, 08.2022. Published by Echo Gone Wrong

Sketching Through the (W)hole. Estonia, 06.2022. Published by EchoGoneWrong.

Of Little Doings and Leeway. Estonia, 06.2022. Published by EchoGoneWrong.

In Woven Sand With a Hardwood Floor. Latvia, 06.2022. Published by Oflux.

Let’s go Again, For Maybe Skies Have Changed. Estonia, 04.2022. Published by EchoGoneWrong.

Oh, Family. 2021. Published by Love Letter To An Artwork of E. Kersten & J.Burla.

The Ants in the Spanish Sun (On New Monumentality). Estonia, 11.2021. Essay published in ‘I know what was (Yesterday) Tomorrow. Johannes Luik’.
Chutes and Ladders (or angles of play in contemporary art). 05.2021, Belgium. Self published in the framework of the MA Fine Arts.

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